Barn Red is our favorite color - we specialize in farm buildings   

Johnson Painting & Decorating

Roseau, Minnesota
Phone (218) 123 4567

• Farm painting is our specialty!
• Interiors and exteriors, outbuildings, fencing and silos.
• With our tractor-mounted bucket lift and super-soaker spray, we can paint anybody's barn in a day!
• Accurate 'old-country' Scandinavian colors available.
• Lowest prices in Johnson County?  No - in all of upstate Minnesota!
• Give us a heads up and we'll schedule your job while the neighbor's away.  He'll never know how much you saved on the perfect paint job!

New decorator accessories for your favorite farmhouse

Not just your normal tablecloth -
• Place mats
• Kitchen curtains
• Living room slip covers
• Bedspreads, even pillow cases!
All in fashionable, color coordinated, low maintenance oilcloth.  Solids, checks, stripes and circle patterns in stock.  Paisley print by special order.


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